The registrations are open. You can register in Agenda FG:,-2nd-of-april

You can sign up for all the games of the tournament the day the event starts, but you will have to pay a 10€ penalty fee in order to do so. In addition, players who choose to sign up through this aslt minute registration method won't be taken into account for seeding purposes as well as regional blocks.

Seeding and pool assignaments will be announced the day before the event.

In order to make the organizer's job easier, we encourage all attendants to register in time for the event.

Registration fees:

- Street Fighter V (Capcom Pro Tour tournament) (PS4): 25€

- Street Fighter V teams of communities 5 vs 5 (PS4): 20€ per team

- Ultra Street Fighter IV teams 3 vs 3 (PS4): 10€ per team

- Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (Xbox 360): 5€

- King of Fighters XIV (PS4): 10

- Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator (we will put REV 2 if it's released before the event) (PS4): 5

60% of all registration fees will go directly towards the prize pot.

40% will be used to cover for the expenses of organizing the event.

Spectators are welcome, free of charge to watch the main tournament and play in all freeplay setups.

Pool assignments will be made public on March 30th. 

When the raffle is done, you can check the pools in our challonge user (we will post the link when it is ready).

ready This year, additionally, we will sell the exclusive Sonic Boom IV T-Shirt. It's price is 20 Euros and you can get it alongside the Entrance Fee. The design of the T-Shirt is the following:

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